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Luke, his wife Margaret, their son's Jack and Thomas  and daughter Lucy 
Our gallery in Richfield Ohio
About Luke
      As a painter my techniques and approach to painting has   continued to become more simplified. My vision has become much clearer as to what I am drawn to and what I want to convey in my paintings. Both of my parents are artists and have had a big influence on my work. I am also very influenced by the Dutch and Flemish painting traditions, dark rich backgrounds with subject matter that is muted but still has strategic pops of color. Two of my favorite American painters are John Singer Sargent and Andrew Wyeth. Sargent’s perfect balance of looseness yet tonal realism has been something I’ve appreciated since I was a boy. I find myself in a constant struggle to achieve the perfect balance between clean simple subjects, and keeping enough interest for the viewers eye. 
     My subject matter consists primarily of rural America and I choose colors and compositions that represent reality, but that will also work aesthetically. The images I paint are typically not direct representations of a specific place, but more a collection of thoughts, feelings, and memories of things I have experienced.

     I live in Northeast Ohio with my wife Margaret, our children Jack, Lucy and Tommy. For information on where you can find me showing my paintings please visit my home page.

            Thank you for your interest,
                             Luke Stretar

Luke's painting studio